Somerville Up Close Unveiling June 5th!

Please join us for the unveiling of the Somerville Up Close community youth art project this Sunday, June 5th, at 1pm in front of the East Somerville Public Library located at 115 Broadway.

The final map, 'Somerville Up Close'


Final Workshop Approching!

Hi everyone! We are super psyched to have our final art workshop next Saturday, April 30th, and can’t wait to show you what we’ve done! This is going to be an extra special workshop – not only because we’re going to be FINISHING our amazing map of Somerville, but we’re also going to be having a pizza party celebration! For any of the artists who have completed their tiles and don’t want to work on the map any longer, we’re going to offer another small art project to take on for the morning and keep the creativity flowing. Yay ART!
I hope to see all of you there from 9-12 next saturday! πŸ™‚ Sara

Workshop #4 – Somerville takes shape

WOW kids. You rock my world!!

At the end of the last workshop today, the map truly became a masterpiece. These artists have learned so much about collaboration and creating something ten times their size! I am thoroughly impressed with the imagination, talent and exploration that these kids have demonstrated over the course of these 4 weeks. I can’t thank them enough for stepping up to this artistic challenge and giving it their all. I know each and every artist in that room tried something new, stepped outside of their comfort zone, and was surprised by the results.

As hard as we worked, we didn’t quite finish the piece by the end of the last workshop today. But never fear! We all voted to attend a touch up / pizza party celebration (date TBA) where we will take a couple more hours to complete the little bits that are left and properly celebrate our accomplishments. Jose will be calling the parents to let them know of the date and time.
Also, stay tuned for the announcement when we shall be unveiling the final map to our community!

A big thank you to all of the volunteers for this workshop series: Lindsey Reed, Jose Mendez, Liz Jose, Kristin Ford, Emily Jacobs-Palmer, Peter Argue, Bandish Shah, Danielle Cullen, Catherine Argue, Dave Patterson, Sean Thomas, Katie Schon, Chris DiPietro, Katherine Roy, Keri King, Yael Tarshish, Sara Mann & Sarah Diaz. Thank you George Scarpelli & the Somerville Recreation. Thank you teachers & faculty at the Somerville public schools. Thank you Landmark Education and Jordan Bray for your support.

more splatter painting!

Kristin & Keri lend a hand during the splatter frenzy. Go Alice, go!

Stand Back critque

Whats working in the piece, whats not working?

Happy volunteers

Map at the end of Workshop 4 - So close!!!!

Workshop #3 – Splatter painting is a hit!

Needless to say, soaking up thick magenta paint with a fatty brush and whipping splatters all over a white surface (and asphalt) is a J O Y to any child… any adult… any artist. When asked at Workshop 3 of Somerville Up Close what the kids wanted to do next on their tiles, they shouted “Splatter painting! Splatter painting!”, and boy did we ever. {I apologize to the parents who now have splatter painted shoes in their breezeway} Come check out the Recreation’s driveway. It will soon become part of Boston’s First Fridays art gallery walk πŸ™‚ jk, but really, its super cool.
The day went swiftly by, yet we made SO MUCH PROGRESS. The miniature artists were cranking out ideas, drawings, paintings, sculptures and collages like never before– and by the end of the workshop we all agreed that the day’s work had made a huge impact on the map. Just one more day to go!
Thank you again for joining our group of artists and making this project come to life! See you next week…
Volunteers: You ROCK πŸ™‚

Serpentzzz - Go teamwork!

Lively artroom

"Alison" a piece of art

Taylor taking splatter painting to a new level

Group shot at a Stand back. Ta-dah!

Zombie artists

Map at the end of Workshop 3

Close up of a few tiles - looking gooooooood!

Workshop #2 – Things are coming together…

Another fantastic workshop day full of art, fun, inspiration and WET PAINT! The map is really starting to take form. We are so excited that the same wonderful artists came back to continue their work on this community art project and are up for the new challenges to come.
Check out the progress… πŸ™‚

Alex and Melissa fill us in with what we are creating and what comes next

Grab a tile, any tile

Katerina getting her paint on

Chris and Edward explore the world of collage

Alice and Olivia deep in drawing mode

Elisabeth and Adriana paint to their hearts content

Sara helps mix colors for grass - no big surprise lime green was created (its her favorite color)

Lindsey loves to cut paper

Busy art room

Lindsey and Sara announcing the art challenges for the day - we don't want to make it too easy for those talented kids πŸ™‚

First Stand Back for the day. Maria tells the group what is working in our mosaic thus far

Splatter time! Liz sets up the ground rules: Kids are NOT canvases, Lola. haha

1, 2, 3, GO! Jackson Pollock style

The whole group of artists after much splattering. United we paint.

Back to work. Anmol puts his tile up to stand back and see how it fits

Melissa draws on the floor all day. She prefers a desk she can spread out on.

So. Much. Paint. Going. On.

Stand Back #2, Lindsey rallys up the artists

Taking a look

It helps to stand back and see the piece of artwork as a whole - and then talk about it

Map at the end of Workshop #2. Great work team!

Workshop #1 – the beginning stages

Some photos of workshop 1!

Flowing the ideas... 'What do you love about Somerville?'

Emily loves stencils. She cut dinosaurs out of magnets and composed a scene of them all over her car!

Sketching it out

2 perspectives in one tile. Brilliant.

Games with Lindsey!

Workshop 1 – A great start!!

Map of Somerville

Map of Somerville

What a great start to our collaborative map of the great city of Somerville, Massachusetts! Thanks to the young artists who came out to the Rec on Saturday (you guys are AWESOME), we began our 4-week art workshop series that will result in a richly textured, dynamic and colorful expression of what these 5th and 6th graders love about where they live. Already we have parks, houses, cityscapes, festivals, friends, animals – and as we’ve pointed out in our first “stand back” or critique, there are lots of random ideas and creations that demonstrate that although we all live in the same city, everyone has a unique perspective and appreciation for their surroundings.

Lindsey and I are totally excited for the next workshop this Saturday and hope to see all of the fantastic artists that started the map as well as meet some new kids who also want to contribute to this fun project!

If you didn’t make it last week and want to come this Saturday, March 19th, 9am-1pm, give George Scarpelli a call at the Somerville Recreation and sign up! (617) 625-6600 x2980. We’ll see you at there! Remember to wear something that can get painty…

Somerville Recreation: 19 Walnut Street, Somerville MA.